overcoming depression with bravery


April 7, 2020

Depression is the devil in disguise. The devil that lures you in with the false promise of comfort, of safety, of escape. Oftentimes, its friends tag along too: drug abuse, self-harm, or doing too much or too little in areas like eating, drinking, and sleeping. Slowly but surely, it...


February 11, 2020

Nobody is going to save you. Not your partner (or the dream of having one), not your family, not your friends, not even your therapist. What they can do is love, guide, and support you through your journey. And they will. And it will help. But none of them...

gia at 12 years old right when depression started

NAKED: How Depression Killed My Spirit as a Child

December 17, 2019

“What’s on your arm? Georgi, what is that on your arm?! What did you do???” My mother’s voice quavered as she pulled up the rest of the long sleeve I had so carelessly forgotten to tug down when washing the dishes. 41 cuts. 41 cleanly sliced lines, criss-crossing from...