liam wong tokyo at night


March 10, 2020

FOOD ON THE TABLE He locked his screen with a heavy sigh. Another night working overtime. Another night catching the last train. Another night without seeing his 10-year-old daughter’s angelic face before falling asleep. He loosened the collar of his wrinkled shirt and stared blankly across the platform. The...


January 28, 2020

5 MINUTES OF MINDFUCK The tip of his finger slid down the spine, feeling every bump in the title along the way. Thin charcoal letters, seared into the creamy white hardcover. He paused. Tilted his head to the side. Raised an eyebrow. Why was he in the back of...

frank rispoli photograph

remorse is her word of honor

November 26, 2019

remorse is her word of honor The familiar taste of hot vomit was creeping up her throat again, but she swallowed it down effortlessly. Every last type of alcohol in the room was in her stomach, broiling to the rhythm of Rip Her to Shreds that threatened to blow...