Head of Marketing for PORC, the biggest streetwear brand in Romania, and the associated media channel, PORC TV:

www.porc.tv (+274k YouTube subscribers)
www.instagram.com/porc.tv (+48.3k followers)
www.facebook.com/porcporc (+91.7k followers)


Duties included:
  • Copywriting and content writing for all digital assets: quarterly sales campaigns, social media captions, brand descriptions, newsletters
  • Daily content planning, curation, and posting across all social media accounts: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook
  • Biweekly giveaways for PORC TV: copywriting, posting, drawing, delivery coordination
  • Weekly online show premiere coordination for four PORC TV shows: Urbanist Sessions (live music recordings), Window Shopping (streetwear talk show), Round About (vlog), Deli Show (vlog)
  • Project management, creative team coordination, task delegation, photoshoot planning
  • Email marketing with weekly/biweekly newsletter campaigns

(November 2020 – August 2021)



We were lucky to have Gia on our team – and I’ve personally had a lot to learn from her while working together.

She’s trustworthy, adaptable and self-directed, and at the same time great at being a team-player and comfortable with assuming leadership.

Her writing and marketing skills cover a wide variety of formats and distribution channels, thus bringing a unique contribution to our team. She excels at mixing creativity with operational work, juggling with complex tasks that vary from one day to another.

Gia’s on a path of constant improvement, with a focus on a growth mindset that made her hold herself to high standards, open to feedback and with a work ethic I highly admire.

Cristina Chipurici
Consiglier, PORC



Date & Time

August 10, 2020