gia energia tudoran

“G. I. A. Gia. Do you think you can remember that?”


Hi. I’m the human behind all the words you’ve been reading. Well, now that you’ve clicked the tab with my name, I guess it’s my turn to tell you my story.


I’m a conscious workaholic. My best friends are long days at my home office with my fingers almost surgically attached to my laptop, the mountains of notebooks to my left, or the gold-embellished typewriter to my right. I’m ridiculously passionate about what I do, so breaking my nails due to excessive typing doesn’t faze me. Oh, and it’s also why the business I co-own with my art director husband is called Burnout Department. Pretty self-explanatory at this point.


With my cat as my sidekick, I write my days away in sheer bliss, connecting and working with incredible clients that hail from the United States, Australia, or Europe. Most of them are creative badasses themselves, and they’re not afraid of letting me tell their stories in a blunt, fierce, and unconventional style. But don’t take my word for it — scroll down to read their own beautiful testimonials.


I’ve been doing the whole freelancing thing for the past five years and writing professionally for the last decade. During this time, I’ve had some crazy awesome projects. Writing exclusive fiction for the biggest digital library in the world — Scribd. Reporting on the female rap scene for award-winning culture magazine “The Calvert Journal”. Empowering women as the deputy editor of Australian magazine “I AM WOMAN”. Crafting SEO-driven, top-ranking, head-turning content for virtually any industry. You get the idea.


Before that, I was a copywriter for a few local advertising agencies and startups. For one of the jobs, I researched and wrote a book that was launched both in Switzerland and Romania about the fascinating stories behind Bucharest’s Old Town. I was 22 when it happened. And it was cool.


For the past ten years, I’ve also been deputy editor of the bimonthly cultural-academic magazine “Clipa”, for which I also write book reviews. I was in my second year of studying Journalism at the time. One of my teachers plucked me out of my front-row seat at college and threw me into an editorial office. That’s how I squeezed into the cultural niche before I even got the chance to finish university. I subsequently graduated valedictorian.


Overall, I’m an American-raised, European-born bookworm who can’t get enough of hustling words. But now it’s your turn. Tell me your story.



The Word Hustler



What an absolute pleasure and honour to work with this dynamic woman. Gia was our amazing deputy editor of I AM WOMAN Project and a director of a small orchestra, making sure that each player stayed in tune and rhythm to end with a perfect concert.


Gia is a sparkling diamond, her talents span in many different facets of our business – she is a true chameleon, extremely talented in so many ways. It’s an absolute delight to work with someone who is so creative. Gia is an exceptionally talented and skilled writer, who is ALWAYS on top of deadlines and willing to go the extra mile.


I have never met someone as creative, motivated, and professional in my time. A true wordsmith!

Catherine Plano

International Keynote Speaker, Author, Executive Coach & Founder of I AM WOMAN Project


I have been working with Gia for several years now and I’m still amazed by her ability to translate my feelings and experiences into carefully chosen words. Both professional or personal, her texts have taken me the extra mile I needed in order to get through to my audience. I sometimes get frustrated by this era of speediness and constant flow of information, but I always felt Gia’s input has helped me stand out in the crowd.


What I love most is her ability to address any category of people, from simple language to academic terms, and every time I felt like she delivered exactly what I wanted to say, but didn’t know how.


Her creations are everywhere with me, on my website, in my client emails and, the cherry on top, in my wedding details, which was such a success. Whenever we team up, I have that cozy feeling and hear that voice in my head – “we got this!”

Larisa Fica
Business Owner & Photographer, Tandem Foto


I’m delighted that I had the opportunity to work together with Gia! The entire collaboration was efficient and pleasant — Gia always understood what we wanted and she always exceeded our expectations! We’re proud to use the content she wrote for us, and we’re happy to know that her words captivate hundreds of visitors on our website on a daily basis. I’m absolutely certain that we’ll have the pleasure to work together again and I recommend Gia with the utmost confidence!”

Norbert Bota
General Manager, Kanopian Penthouse Hotel


I worked with Gia for several years and she was the most valuable member of my team. I loved that she was both shining (rockstar copywriting skills) and also very reliable. Whenever something unpredictable happened and I needed help, she doubled down as my assistant and helped me with tasks that weren’t exactly in her job description.


She is so smart and versatile that any business should consider itself lucky to count Gia among its partners.

Miriam Cihodariu

Content Marketing Expert at Tripaneer & Former Ecommerce Strategy Director at Digital Web Properties


Gia is an excellent writer who can tackle new subjects and do the necessary research to create quality content. The first time we worked together, she offered creative ways to present the content that would have the most impact on our readers.


She did a great job for Sociedelic, getting us in the first search results on Google. I am definitely looking forward to working with her in the future.

Danut Incrosnatu



We’ve been working together for well over 3 years. I have never met a person as organized, creative, and detail-oriented as Gia. I feel like she reads my thoughts and that everything that goes through her hands becomes so much better and more alluring. Thank you, Gia, for putting so much heart into your work!

Ioana Agreseanu

Owner, True Style Consignment


The challenge with our project was to create unique content, based on our business type. Having a very niched ranged of clients, we needed cool, catchy taglines that could bring some extra juice to our communication. Working with Gia made things a lot easier for us. We just sent the basic information and she made a blast out of it.


Furthermore, our clients’ feedback was so awesome that we continued working other projects with her too. Top work, thank you. 🙂

Alexandru Vitalariu
Managing Partner, Grin


Gia has understood perfectly the running community concept and her input helped her create the visual identity of the crew. She had lots of questions regarding how a running community works and used all the insights in order to deliver the perfect brand identity!

Radu Restivan


Gia is my child of letters, words, and love. She is becoming, as time goes by, a Renaissance figure of the digital century. Paradoxically, but true! She writes with a fierce and endearing passion, composes, sings, and, as of late, photographs emotions. When she breathes, she creates. Gia is a beautiful world that I want to live in. She is Gia.

Alexandra Sararu

Editor-in-Chief, Clipa Magazine


Gia is a true gem. We’ve known each other for 6 years and it’s always a pleasure to collaborate. She is creative, passionate, and a real team player. Work becomes really easy and enjoyable when you co-create with the right people.

Simona Mirea

Founder & CEO, Yum Yum Advertising Group

Gia is a highly professional copywriter and a great co-worker. Always with a positive attitude and a huge smile on her face, she always delivers impressive work. I truly believe that creativity and craft of words is a state of mind for Gia.

Dragos Miu
Web Designer, former colleague at Iceberg Art & Claudia Properties


Gia is a wonderful person. She is super professional, open-minded, and very talented in terms of writing and communication. Her vision, ethics, and experience with both underground and mainstream projects are assets that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Bogdan Bolohan

Professional Dancer (Romania’s Got Talent 2nd Place Winner – 2015) & Business Owner


Gia was a pleasure to work with the multiple times we collaborated. She did a great job respecting our briefs and delivered the work in a timely manner. I’m happy to recommend her writing services to anyone in need of high-level copy.

C. Bordea

Business Owner